February 26, 2014

An Evening of Jazz with John Pisano & Anthony Wilson: Good Bait

Rudy's Music & Eastman Guitars present "An Evening of Jazz with John Pisano and Anthony Wilson."

Though he's best known as a sideman to the greats, John Pisano came and showed a dazzled crowd that he can do more than accompany a great song; he can transform it with his marvelously fluid leads and punctuated chords. For this performance he played alongside Anthony Wilson, who also played beautifully.

The night was billed as a duet, but it should be considered a quartet instead. The Eastman guitars that accompanied the two men stood out as marvelous examples of how fine lutherie can transform the musician just as much as a guitarist can transform his instrument.

The Rudy's Music Stop family is truly grateful for having two wonderful musicians and such a wonderful guitar company
in our SoHo Store.

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February 17, 2014

Economy picking ├ętude

Hi guys,

Here's a picking etude I use for myself to warm up and thought I'd share.

economy picking