October 28, 2013

FRANCISCO FATTORUSO & Leonardo Amuedo guitar!!

 Song: I was born in Vegas

Francisco Fattoruso - Bajo
Leonardo Amuedo - Guitarra
Hugo Fattoruso - Piano
Nicolas Arnicho - Percusión
Pablo Gonzalez - Batería
Juan Pablo Di Leone - Flautas 
Alvaro Torres - Teclados y sintes

Música - " I Was Born In Vegas "

Estudio Vivace. 
Técnico de sonido - Mario Breuer

Montevideo - Uruguay.

Filmado por - Ismael Viera y El Tano Mariano Bonadio.
Edicion - Ismael Viera

October 24, 2013

Looper's delight

Looping is hot. I use it when teaching or studying. Some people have turned it into an art form.
I've seen amazing performances where people layer complete arrangements live in font of an audience perfectly.

Jarle Bernhoft is an amazing artist using looper pedals to enhance his musicality.

For some it's frustrating not getting the timing perfect so the loop doesn't loop perfectly and the whole thing sounds wrong.

There are many loopers on the market nowadays and more and more appear every month.
There are a lot of different loopers out there. Very simple ones such as the Ditto looper by TC electronics or the complex ones like the Boss RC 300. The simple ones let you record and overdub and that's usually it. The more complex ones let you record sevaral loops which you can use independently. You can also add loops created on your computer or on the pedal itself and store them on your pedal.

Check out these site's to learn more about loopers.
Looper pedal reviews
Loopers's delight.

Vic Juris: All That Jazz #3 Guitar Lesson

Guitar World brings you a series of guitar lessons with jazz guitarist Vic Juris called All That Jazz. 

Very nice series of lessons with the great Vic Juris.

October 13, 2013

Strymon BigSky - Reverb Effects Pedal

Strymon BigSky is the only effect used in the making of this video. Visit http://strymon.net/bigsky — Music by State Shirt [http://stateshirt.com] and Pete Celi.

Plug into BigSky and instantly lift your sound into the stratosphere. The world below you fades into the distance, and you're elevated into a glow of lush, glorious, radiant reverbs. To create a reverb experience as natural, beautiful, and immersive as BigSky required tremendous feats of sound engineering and artistic imagination. Using the fundamentals of acoustical science as our beacon, we carefully studied and scientifically analyzed reverb technology from the past fifty years. We faithfully captured the essence of these classic sounds, and forged ahead to dream up our vision of reverbs from the future.

Feel the mechanical tension of the Spring reverbs. Hear the floating particles of the Cloud machine. Defy the laws of physics with the Nonlinear reverbs. Unleash the multi-head reverberations of the Magneto machine. BigSky gives you twelve studio-class reverb machines, each with simple yet powerful controls.

We knew we must take reverb to a whole new level. With careful attention to detail, innovative analog circuitry design, an insanely powerful SHARC processor, and the utilization of top-shelf components, we've developed a reverb pedal that fits on your pedal board yet has better audio quality than many rack reverb units. This fusion of science with art has just one goal. To provide you with the most musically inspirational reverb experiences possible.

Jon Herrington's new GEAR page


Gibson CS336
Wysocki Tele
Gibson SG
Fender Telecaster
Gibson Les Paul Custom (with capo and low D tuning)
Guytron GT100FV & cab
Bludotone Bludo-Drive & cab 
Bludotone J-Rod 50.
(in front of amp:) Xotic RC Boost (to raise Tele levels to Gibson levels) - Vox Satriani Wah - Hilton volume - (BossTU-3 Tuner) - Xotic RC Boost (to EQ low end out and boost high end of neck pickups for solo sounds) - Palmer amp head switcher
(in Guytron effects loop:) Tech 21 Roto Choir - Voodoo Labs Tremolo - Tech 21 Boost Delay - Boss RV-5 Reverb - Creation Audio Labs Clean Boost
(in Bludotone effects loop:) Tech 21 Boost Delay - Boss RV-5 Reverb

October 11, 2013

Boomerang Phrase III Looper (new version for Sco)

$479.00 http://www.prymaxevintage.com/boomera... Boomerang Musical Products Boomerang Phrase III Looper
The Boomerang Musical Products Boomerang III Looper/Phrase Sampler is the ultimate in looping technology! Perfect for solo projects or ambient drones,t he Boomerang III looper allows you to overdub phrases in excellent quality. Inspire yourself with the Boomerang III Looper.

Serial Play Style - loops play one after the other like the Rang™ Plus
Serial Master Play Style - In addition to playing loops one after the other, there is a cool type of sync in the Serial Play Style where two loops can play simultaneously. If loop 3 is recorded first, it will become the master loop, otherwise it's just another loop and there is no master. If loop three is master, it can play along with the other loops. So at one time you can play loops 1 & 3, 2 & 3, 4 & 3, but not 1 & 2, etc. Loops 1, 2 and 4 will be created so they are a multiple of the length of the master. For example, if master loop three is 4 seconds long, the other loops will be 4, 8, 12, 16... seconds long.
- Here's the purpose. For serial style loopers it's nice to have a rhythmic background behind the melodic loops. Mute the strings and record a short "chika-chika" or beat on the sides of your acoustic axe. This rhythmic master loop can then play along with any other loop.
Sync Play Style - all loops can play simultaneously and are synced so they stay together
Free Play Style - all loops can play simultaneously and are NOT synced; this is great for creating ambient soundscapes

Boomerang Musical Products Boomerang Phrase III Looper
3 or 4 loops - your choice
Stacking - "stacking" is adding a part to a loop
Undo/Redo - the last part stacked can be muted, then played again or rerecorded
Erase - loops can be erased one at a time or all at once; one loop can be erased while another plays
Copy Loop - a loop can be copied whether it is playing or not
Copy Live - this enables "re-sampling" and is very powerful; the pedal's output is routed to a new loop
Octave - loop plays at half speed and an octave lower
Reverse - loop plays backwards
Once - loop plays one time through then stops or if already playing, it stops at its end
Fade - loop fades in or out with one button press; fade time can be 3 to 43 seconds
Reverse Solo - this is a built-in effect and enables you to create reverse leads live
Two Sample Rates - 48KHz or 24KHz, both use 20 bit samples; through signal is always 48KHz / 24 bits
Thru Mute Function - turns off through signal
Expression Pedal Volume Control - plug in an expression pedal for foot control of playback volume
Loop Playback Volume Knob - this is always available to set loop playback volume
Decay Rate Knob - sets the rate at which earlier parts fade when new ones are added; continuously variable from 0-100%
Stereo or Mono - recording and playback will be stereo or mono depending on which of the Smart Jacks you use
Smart Jacks - the Rang™ III senses which jacks are being used and provides different signal routing options
The Boomerang® III chassis is the same wedge shape as the original but smaller. It's footprint is 6" (front to back) by 9" (side to side) by 2" tall, and weighs less than 3 lb. The MSRP (full retail price) is $559, but your local dealer can do much better than that.

lesson: Kurt Rosenwinkel on legato playing.

October 6, 2013

Guitarist Adam Rogers at the late night jam, XRIJF 2013

Amazing guitarist! Long flowing lines, rhythm, time. taste, harmonic sophistication. He's got it all!

October 3, 2013

Van Weelden Royal Overdrive!!

Dear friends / customers,

Many of you already knew that we have been working on a brand new overdrive pedal for a long time. Therefore, we are very excited to let you know that the production for our new 'Royal Overdrive' has started! The first units from the first batch of this great pedal will be available as from November/December 2013. The next production will be in the course of 2014.
We have recorded a few sound clips with our Royal Overdrive pedal for a first impression. There will be more clips available on our new website which is almost finished! You can find these clips at soundcloud.com and search for Van Weelden. For these recordings we used the following gear: 100W Super lead, Les Paul Heritage 80's, 4x12 cabinet with 1 SM57 and a Sennheiser MD-441. The amp was set for a clean sound! So no compromise on your clean settings. This way the Royal Overdrive can act as a real second channel!
This pedal sounds great on almost every amp, even on solid state amps. This was part of our mission.
Please be careful with your speaker volume when listening to these clips!
We are also happy to share with you the great news that we received an absolute maximum rating of 5 stars in a test review of our pedal in the October issue of the Dutch 'Gitarist' magazine. This is our reward for 4,5 years of hard work on this pedal.
If you want to get your hands on one of the first Royal Overdrive pedals, then please contact us for availability. You can confirm your order by sending us a 200,- Euro deposit. Once we received your deposit your order will be confirmed. Please don’t forget to send us your shipping address for a shipping quote.

The retail price (shipping not included) for the Royal Overdrive 2013:
  • 595,- Euro for the EU countries
  • 492,- Euro for countries outside the EU

Please use the following banking details for wiring your deposit :

Van Weelden Amplification
IBAN: NL15 INGB0007413072

ING Bank
109, Bijlmerdreef

Thanks for your trust in our products!

Best regards,

Van Weelden Amplification
Condorweg 10-2
7332 AC  Apeldoorn

T: +31 (0)55 5347174