May 31, 2013

Chick Corea Elektric Band ll feat. Mike Miller

Chick Corea-keyboards,piano
Gary Novak-drums
Eric Marienthal-sax
Jimmy Earl-bass
Mike Miller-guitar
Poland '94

Been listening to this cd the past few days. Love it. Different flavor from Frank Gambale and the Electric Band I but man these guys are smokin'.

 1. Paint The World 3:58 
2. Blue Miles 5:32 
3. Tone Poem 6:51 
4. CTA 5:49 
5. Silhouette 1:43 
6. Space 6:08 
7. The Ant & The Elephant 7:33 
8. Tumba Island 5:58 
9. Ritual 7:36 
10. Ished 7:18 
11. Spanish Sketch 8:07 
12. Reprise 2:51

May 30, 2013

Wrappstation by virtuoso Marc Guillermont.

Marc Guillermont guitar

Bill Frisell - Big Sur Super 8

A Beautiful View" is a track from Bill Frisell's new album "Big Sur" to be released on Okey Records in June of 2013. The Big Sur Quintet is made up of Bill Frisell on guitar, Jenny Scheinman on violin, Eyvind Kang on viola, Hank Roberts on cello and Rudy Royston on drums. The album was produced by Lee Townsend. All footage was shot on Super-8 and edited by Monica Jane Frisell during the recording at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California in April of 2013.

Giant steps legato etude

Giant steps legato etude

I write these studies for myself to learn about what I'm doing. I find that writing down these lines helps me focus and improve my improvisation.

Bar 1 uses a digital pattern 1,2,3,5 twice. (Shift your position on the f#)
Bar 2 the same patterns again
Bar 3 scalewise motion
Bar 4 Am arpeggio moving into D mixolydian
Bar 5 digital pattern 3,1,2,3 and back to 1,2,3,5
bar 6 digital pattern 1,2,3,5
Bar 7 B arpeggio
Bar 8 digital pattern 1,2,3,5
Bar 9 Eb scale
Bar 10 digital pattern  1,2,3,5 into D7 mix
Bar 11 G maj arpeggio
Bar 12 C# bluesy line
Bar 13 B maj scale
Bar 14 Eb maj scale
Bar 15 Eb maj scale
Bar 16 Baroque figure on C#m
Bar 17 is bar 1 of a next round of Giant steps fun.

May 24, 2013

Acoustic album plug for a friend!! + free download.

Hello all!
After much toil and hard work, the CD Stargazing is finally completed! The CD contains acoustic guitar music, with additional instruments like double bass, piano (electrical or acoustic), marimba and/or percussion.

Have a listen on my website:
The CD can be downloaded at CD Baby or on iTunes
It will soon be available on and Spotify.
Also, my EP Reminiscence is available as a free download from my website. It contains five acoustic guitar tracks, which I recorded in 2003, and have re-edited and remasterd in the studio. On this page, you'll also find free TABs and sheet music for solo guitar from the CD Stargazing.
Best wishes,
Emiel Stöpler

May 17, 2013

Mike Stern masterclass afterparty with Richard Bona

Concerts privés des Samedi et Dimanche soirs de la Grande Masterclass à Nice, après la Jam session avec les élèves de cette Master exceptionnelle !!...
Les 3 et 4 novembre 2012 avec Mike STERN , Richard BONA, André CECCARELLI et Enrico PIERANUNZI...
La "Grande" Masterclass c'est un week-end entier avec les plus grands musiciens de jazz actuel...
A bientôt pour 2013 !!

May 15, 2013

Win a Royal Overdrive! Van Weelden ( Bonamassa)

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Tommy Emmanuel on Ted Green's Chord Chemistry

Tommy Emmanuel workshop 6-23-10 Paoli PA - "Tommy speaks of Ted Green - Chord Chemistry and plays circle of fifths - awesome!"


May 13, 2013

Sylvain Luc Alain Caron - All Blues

Man, what can you say about this performance. Sylvain!!!!!!!!
Beware: amazing harmonies. 

May 10, 2013

Enchanted- jazzrock demo Miles '80 vibe

George Coleman sax lick for Guitar. ( legato style)

I transcribed part of this solo. The first lick from George Coleman's solo is featured here. It has a nice baroque flavor. I wrote a couple of variations. Like all the great teachers will tell you: Don't just learn the lick but learn from the lick and try to apply it to different situations. This is a nice lick for your legato playing too! If you prefer alternate picking this lick is useful too. 

4 GENERATIONS OF MILES features musicians who played in four different lineups of Miles Davis's band. Recorded live at Makor, New York, New York on May 12, 2002.
 Generations of Miles is an unusual tribute to Miles Davis, featuring a quartet made up of alumni from four different editions of the trumpeter's bands, while omitting keyboards and trumpet entirely. Drummer Jimmy Cobb, tenor saxophonist George Coleman, bassist Ron Carter, and guitarist Mike Stern concentrate almost exclusively on the 1950s repertoire of Davis, excepting Ron Carter's somewhat abstract, R&B-flavored "81," which is from the mid-'60s. 
Stern's sparse accompaniment for Coleman in "All Blues" works surprising well in place of a piano, while the percolating take of "On Green Dolphin Street" will get a listener's feet patting. Coleman's soulful playing is the centerpiece of a lush treatment of "Blue in Green." Carter and Cobb provide a superb foundation for the soloists throughout this live recording. The creativity and musicianship throughout this excellent tribute make it stand head and shoulders above most such efforts. ~ Ken Dryden Live;5/12/2;Jimmy Cobb,George Coleman,Ron Carter+Mike Stern Personnel: George Coleman (tenor saxophone); Mike Stern (electric guitar); Ron Carter (acoustic bass): Jimmy Cobb (drums). Personnel: Mike Stern (electric guitar); Ron Carter (acoustic bass); Jimmy Cobb (drums). Liner Note Author: Chip Stern. Recording information: Makor, New York, NY (05/12/2002). Editor: Nicholas Prout. Photographer: Dirk Vandenberk.

May 8, 2013

Mike Miller Video lesson!!

I view Mike Miller as one of the best guitar players in the world. I have his cd's and also a few videos!
Check this out. Mike is an absolute master.
Watch the video.

Mike Miller_Odd Meter Feels Over 44
"Mike Miller is one of the most fluid and inventive guitarists in the world in the area of playing in odd meter time signatures, but most guitarists rarely have to play in odd meter. In this unique and groundbreaking lesson, Mike shows you how to superimpose odd meter feels over the 4/4 grooves you deal with on a daily basis to give both your soloing AND ESPECIALLY your chordal comping playing a unique and interesting dimension that few can boast. This is a must for most any guitarist, as it contains information that is rarely documented anywhere else. The 40 minute video includes an extensive 24 page PDF with all fingerings and a valuable written explanation of how to "see" the superimposed odd meters over the 4/4 written measures, with the metric groupings of the odd meters to make them easy to understand."

May 6, 2013

Allman Brothers & Oz Noy

Rivers Gonna Rise with Alicia Chekour (vocals) and Oz Noy (guitar) - Final night of the ABB Beacon Run 03/17/2013

May 5, 2013

Robben Ford -- Songcraft

Robben Ford is not only an innovative master of electric guitar, he's also widely respected as a gifted composer, passionate songwriter and performing artist with a long history of chart-topping hits and Grammy nominations to his credit.
SongCraft dives deep into Robben's creative and harmonic approaches for songwriting as he steps you through eight of his own favorite compositions from the Tiger Walk, Soul On Ten, Truth, Blue Moon and Renegade Creation albums.





SongCraftRobben first performs the song solo and then presents the voicings, song form, rhythmic patterns and harmonic structure for each of the compositions. Bonus footage from one of Robben's exclusive live workshops footage includes even more insight into Robben's songs and creative approaches.
SongCraft offers much more than engaging song tutorials; guitar players will feast on Robben's rhythm guitar wisdom, voicings and techniques; composers will be enlightened by the creative insight that Robben weaves into each of the song presentations; and singer-songwriters will be fascinated with how Robben artfully crafts life experiences into captivating lyrics and music.
SongCraft is presented in an interactive video format, which accelerates the learning process with multi-angle video, zooming, looping, interactive tab/notation and many other handy learning tools.
Featured Songs: (tab and standard notation included for all)
Featured on the Tiger Walk album released in 1997 from Blue Thumb Records.
Don't Worry 'Bout Me
Featured on the Soul On Ten album released in 2009 from Concord.
All Over Again
Featured on the Renegade Creation/Bullet album released in 2012 from Shrapnel Records.
Lateral Climb
Featured on the Truth album released in 2007 from Concord.
Riley B King
Featured on the Truth album released in 2007 from Concord.
Soft in Black Jeans
Featured on the Renegade Creation album released in 2010 from Blues Bureau International.
Hard to Please
Featured on the Blue Moon album released in 2002 from Concord Jazz/Universal.
Featured on the Soul On Ten album released in 2009 from Concord.
Bonus Workshop Footage: (tab & notation included)
Robben presents his approach to song construction along with live workshop presentations of five other songs:
Earthquake (Soul On Ten released in 2009 from Concord)
Thoughtless (Soul On Ten released in 2009 from Concord)
Nazareth (Renegade Creation/Bullet released in 2012 from Shrapnel Records)
People Like Me (Renegade Creation/Bullet released in 2012 from Shrapnel Records)
Oasis (Tiger Walk released in 1997 from Blue Thumb Records).

Short Italian clip with Scott Henderson

May 3, 2013

John Scofield Uberjam Deux pre-order

Uberjam deux John Scofield CD
  1. 1. Camelus
  2. 2. Boogie Stupid
  3. 3. Endless Summer
  4. 4. Dub Dub
  5. 5. Cracked Ice
  6. 6. Al Green Song
  7. 7. Snake Dance
  8. 8. Scotown
  9. 9. Torero
  10. 10. Curtis Knew
  11. 11. Just Don't Want To Be Lonely
  12. 12. C.P. Shuffle