March 31, 2013

Wayne Johnson on Timing & phrasing part 1

 Timing and phrasing with Wayne Johnson.

Part 1 consists of a number of questions I asked Wayne.
Part 2 consist of excerpts from a brand new series of lessons on phrasing Wayne sent me! Here makes a clear distinction between melodic and rhythmic phrasing using great singers like Tony Bennet as an example.

What's your definition of phrasing?  
Phrasing is one's ability to take a melodic & rhythmic passage and play it in an inherently unique manner… one that may not even be able to reproduce a second time. Interesting Phrasing can define a player.

Did you train this consciously? 
Not at first. 
Were you aware of it or did people point this out to you?
It was pointed out and then I discovered the reasons. 
How did you train this?
Listening to jazz singers
What were you listening for?
Time considerations

Did you record yourself in order to improve? 
Do you think of some kind of 'grid' between beats as to where to place the notes? 
Like drummers do, I heard Pat Metheny talk about this. Straight 16ths or 16th triplets in the pit of his stomach he said, depending wether he plays straight or jazz. 
Yes.. I've heard Pat talk about this. I think of this as more of a "feel" issue… not phrasing.

Is the bass player more of a rhythmic anchor than the drummer? (steady pulse) It really depends on who you're playing with. 
Either can be an anchor but…it is always best to feel the time in an idio kinetic fashion…bypassing the conscious mind … not counting in your head… but feeling deep from within… your internal metronome!
Do you still work on your phrasing?
I work on and consider "concepts" for phrasing when I play but not as a practice routine.  

Wayne Johnson & Taylor guitars.

Do you still steal licks from records?
Only for right hand techniques (picking hand).
Any recent cool licks? 
Very cool latin/salsa pattern
Do you keep a diary of licks like Scott Henderson? 
No but I do keep a diary of concepts regarding the simplification of improvisation techniques as applied to guitar.  It's ongoing and very exciting.

Do/ did you notice a difference in timing when you play with different people? 
Do you consciously vary your timing? 
Hold back and start a phrase a wee bit later? 
All. I do this to the extreme… probably more than I don't, if that makes sense! 

"Here's another way to think of Phrasing:  Just like we take a melodic idea out of key momentarily for tension and then come back into the key center (as when you are improvising), we can do the same with our "time" or rhythmic ideas.  We can slow down, speed up and even take it completely out of time… coming back into time. " Wayne Johnson (preview part 2) 

March 30, 2013

Smokin' free download by Randy Scott

Free Music Download
Discover new Blues music from Randy Scott Music. Free download.

Comment on your new music

Recommended: Odd metronome app

In co-operation with Tony Overwater, Boy Edgar award winning bass player and key player in the European Jazz scene, I have developed the "Odd Metronome" iPhone app. A revolutionary new metronome, allowing you to study contemporary as well as complex ethnic rhythms using an app that is extremely easy to use, and has extremely accurate timing.

The Odd Metronome is the ultimate study companion. Create any rhythmic pattern in any meter with three different sounds (low, medium, high). Just tap the note-values on the screen and the Odd Metronome will build the rhythm, calculate the meter and play it instantly.

The Odd Metronome offers you a wide array of possibilities: from a simple quarter note click to a complicated 47/8 rhythm. It’s up to your creativity. The moving cursor will let you follow the rhythm visually, so you never get lost. 

The Odd Metronome offers various Latin, Arabic and metronome rhythms and you can easily create your own patterns. It uses standard rhythmical notation. This will also allow you to construct your rhythms using the popular Long-Short Method which creates rhythms from groups of two or three eight notes. 

Three high quality sound samples deliver a low, medium and high beat and give an acoustic feel, making it very comfortable to play with. The Odd Metronome comes with six different sound sets: metronome, cajon, darabuka, drums and tabla, for studying various musical styles.

The design is intuitive and clean with only those options and buttons that you really need, leaving you to do what you intended to do, study your instrument.
  • Easy to use by intuitive design.
  • Precise timing technology.
  • No latency regardless of BPM rate.
  • Create any odd meter.
  • Follows the playing rhythm visually.
  • Presets with different styles of rhythms: metronome, Arabic, Latin.
  • Save your own rhythms.
  • Different sounds sets for different styles: classic metronome, oriental percussion, drum set, tabla, cajun.
  • Built by and for professional musicians.
Download Odd Metronome
from the App Store

March 29, 2013

Romero Lubambo : Brazil guitar clinic

Romero Lubambo Clinic, 2011 at Denison University. 
Julian Lage plays a tune with Romero at the end.

Romero Lubambo

In 1985, Romero Lubambo came to the United States, and brought with him a new sound in Brazilian jazz guitar.
Romero's guitar playing unites the styles and rhythms of his native Brazilian musical heritage with his fluency in the American jazz tradition to form a distinctive new sound.
From the cool, sophisticated rhythms of his native Brazil to hard bop, Romero is a  guitarist who's comfortable in any musical setting. He is an uncommonly gifted soloist and musical improviser with  a steady stream of unpredictably creative musical thoughts and the virtuosity to deliver them  ever so tastefully.
After arriving in New York City, Romero quickly established himself as a "first call" session and touring guitarist who was in demand not only for his authentic Brazilian sound, but also for his command with a variety of styles.
Lubambo has performed and recorded with many outstanding artists, including Dianne Reeves, Michael Brecker, Yo-Yo Ma, Kathleen Battle, Diana Krall, Herbie Mann, Wynton Marsalis, Gal Costa, Kurt Elling, Kenny Barron, Luciana Souza, Cyro Baptista, Sergio and Odair Assad, Ivan Lins, Grover Washington Jr., Vernon Reid, Flora Purim and Airto, Paquito D'Rivera, Harry Belafonte, Larry Coryell, Gato Barbieri, Leny Andrade, James Carter, Paula Robison, Dave Weckl, Jason Miles, and Cesar Camargo Mariano... among many others.
He has also established himself as a composer and performer on his own critically acclaimed recording projects as well as on those of Trio Da Paz, a Brazilian jazz trio Lubambo formed with Nilson Matta and Duduka da Fonseca.
Romero Lubambo is considered by critics to be "the best practitioner of his craft in the world today... the guitarist's facility, creativity and energy are in a class all their own."

Mike Stern & Romero Lubambo

March 27, 2013

6 Note patterns part II

This is the second lesson on 6 note patterns. The repetitive character of these lines is useful for helping you find your way across the fingerboard. The first jazzed up line has an extra chromatic note. I copied this all the string-pairs and positions. The basic structure remains the same as before but sounds more flowing. Basic: F# G A on 6th string and B C D on the 5th string.

2)  shows a new combination:
G  A B on the 6th and  D E F# on the 5th.

3) combines two three note groupings.

March 25, 2013

Learning the neck: 6 note patterns

With these 6 note patterns you can learn to play fairly quickly up and down the neck. The lay out is very visual.
I used the notes F# G & A on the 6th string and B C & D on the fifth string. This pattern repeats. (Bar 1 & 2 and 5 & 6)

In the second line something similar happens. A 6 note pattern is divided on two strings.
G A & B on the 6th string and C D & E on the 5th string. (Bar 3 & 4 and 7 & 8)

Bar 9 -14 combines the two.

Learn to see the string pairs. Learn the names. Since they repeat all over the neck you learn the names of the notes over the entire fingerboard. In this series I will add more and more. Find your own. Learn a lick on one string pair and repeat them on the others. Piano players use this technique all the time!


MuseScore : Free notation software!!

Fairly easy to use and free music notation software.
Share and upload to a community.
The video tutorials are great and a manual is downloadable for free too.
Donations are welcome off course!

March 19, 2013

John Scofield interview with JB in Rotterdam

John Scofield. (pic by JB@poolguitarblog)

Don't see the video? ----}: Click here.

John Scofield helps me out from time to time with my Poolguitarblog.  I asked him to do an interview and was happy and honored that he found the time. Before the concert in Lantaren Venster in Rotterdam on March 17 2013 we spoke about his career in general, the business side off it, different projects, management, marketing, Mike Stern, Miles, Billy Cobham, teaching, rhythm, harmony, apps, etc.

John Scofield in Rotterdam with JB@Poolguitarblog

March 18, 2013

John Scofield interview

Editing the video right now. John was most kind. We talked about a lot of stuff. Quite a lot questions were answered. We started of talking about the business side of making music nowadays. Also about Mike Stern, Ueberjam 2, Cobham, teaching, Miles, rhytm, licks, harmony, classical music, phone apps etc.

March 13, 2013

Smokin" Andy Most: amazing tone!

Check out Any's website. Buy tracks directly from him or take online lessons!

Rethinking Guitar Scales with Wayne Johnson

Cool lesson with maestro Wayne Johnson for Taylor guitars.
Practicing guitar scales builds muscle memory but can leave you stuck in a rut. Grammy winning Taylor Guitar Artist, Wayne Johnson, shows you a different way to approach scales, one that will help you recognize shapes, groupings, intervals and symmetry. By concentrating on single-string and random scale-note practice, you'll learn to break free of muscle memory and improve your melodic development.
This is a companion video to Wayne's article, "Breaking the Mold," from the summer 2011 issue of Wood&Steel. You can download a PDF of the full article at Visit us at for more information.
  • Wayne Johnson endorses Taylor guitars.

March 12, 2013

Rut Busters: Diminished Scale Guitar Lesson w/ Hermans

In the Rut Busters series I'll try to show you quick ways to get out of those ruts we all find ourselves in. In this lesson we go through some D diminished licks that can be played over Bluesy jams or one chord vamps. There is so much more to this scale, but this gets you started in the right direction!

A Tribute to Jazz Legend Ed Bickert On the evening of November 6th the Canadian jazz community paid honour to one of its living legends and cultural heroes - iconic jazz guitarist Ed Bickert. Here, some of the performers who joined in the celebration- Oliver Gannon, Jake Langley, Lorne Lofsky, Chris Norley, and Michael Occhipinti, take a moment to pay tribute to Bickert's influence on themselves and on the jazz scene at large.

March 10, 2013

Guitar Techniques & Alex Machacek

What strings do you use, Alex Machacek?

The fusion player answers our quick questions

Each issue GT asks a great guitarist all those little questions you really do want the answers to. This month fusion guitarist Alex Machacek replies.

Do you have a type of pick that you can't live without?

Dunlop 2.0mm Gator Grip. Why? That's the only pick I use...

If you had to give up all your pedals but three, what would they be?

Robert Keeley compressor, X-otic BB Preamp, and Line 6 DL-4. This is basically my pedalboard.

Do you play another instrument well enough to be in a band?

Drums - but the band shouldn't be too good...

If a music chart were put in front of you, could you read it?


Do you think guitar cables really make a difference? What make are yours?

I never did any serious A/B testing, so I wouldn't know. I use Planet Waves cables - they are very reliable.

Is there anyone's playing (past or present) that you're slightly jealous of?

Gary Husband on piano! Besides being a great drummer he is one of my favourite piano players. And yes, I am jealous that he is so good at both instruments!

Your house/studio is burning down: which guitar do you salvage?

A custom made Bill DeLap - which is my main guitar and I haven't played any other guitar yet that comes even close.

What's your favourite amp and how do you set it?

I don't have a favourite amp yet. Usually I tame the high end and turn up the mids a tiny bit.

What kind of action do you have on your guitars?

As low as possible without any buzzing noise.

What strings do you use?

D'addario 10's.

March 7, 2013

John Scofield/ Mike Stern Tour 2013

APR 2013
John Scofield with Mike Stern, Bill Stewart, and Ben Street
DateCityVenue / Band
02 - 03Cambridge, MARegattabar
04Washington, DCThe Howard Theatre
05Reading, PABerks Jazz Fest – Crowne Plaza Reading
06Pittsburgh, PAManchester Craftsman Guild
08 - 09Minneapolis, MNDakota Jazz Club
11Evanston, ILEvanston SPACE
12Atlanta, GAVariety Playhouse
13Davie, FLMiniaci Performing Arts Center
16 - 20New York, NYBirdland

John Scofield & Mike Stern tour 2013 

Mystery Train - Howard Emerson

Howard Emerson performs "Mystery Train" Live in the Phoenix area 2006.

Funny how you learn about new guitar players. Well Howard isn't 'new' but to me he is. He responded to a earlier post on my blog  about Emiel Stopler. I checked him out and found out he is formidable guitar player himself. Nothing flash or anything 'just' great style and taste. Howard sent me this clip and some extra info for your enjoyment. Thanks Howard. 

Hi Jan,

This is my arrangement of Junior Parker's 'Mystery Train' (which he recorded as a shuffle, actually). I am playing in open G tuning, capo 4, so it's in open B tuning, but I'm playing off the V chord of B, which is F#. I call it cross-tuning, sort of like when a C harmonica is played in the key of G for doing blues.

I do not read music or tablature, so I can't help you with any of that, sorry. Mel Bay did feature one of my early recordings, 'Crossing Crystal Lake' in their Fingerstyle Masters anthology series:


Master Anthology of Fingerstyle Guitar Solos, Volume 3 (Book/CD Set)
Twelve accessible solos in several styles and tunings from various parts of the world. Includes works by: Stephen Bennett, Tom Doyle, Howard Emerson, Joël Fafard, Tim Farrell, Simon Fox, Richard Gilewitz, Paolo Giordano, Phil Heywood, Sean McGowan, David Qualey, and Brad Richter. Written in standard notation and tablature for the intermediate to advanced guitarist.

Howard's CD from 2012: Listen Here!

March 5, 2013

Alexander technique for musicians

How the Alexander Technique can help musicians

Released: April 9, 2012      By: Robert Rickover and Bill Plake

Bill Plake, an Alexander Technique teacher and critically acclaimed musician (saxophone and flute) in South Pasadena, California talks with Robert Rickover about ways in which the Alexander Technique can help musicians. Bill's Robert teaches in Lincoln, Nebraska and Toronto, Canada. More information about the Technique and General Alexander Technique information:

J. Rockett Audio Designs Flex Drive - Andy Most

Chick Corea and The Vigil Rehearse "Spain"

Chick Corea and the Vigil rehearse Chick's new arrangement of his iconic tune "Spain," in rehearsal at Ronnie Scott's in London, just before the first show of their European tour.

Wampler Pedals - Dual Fusion (Tom Quayle demo)

The Dual Fusion pedal from Wampler Pedals is, we think, the first overdrive pedal specifically voiced to the new breed of fusion guitarists.

Fusion in its current form is a fairly new concept, with roots not only in theoretical jazz but rock; not classic blues based rock, but the more technically advanced "shredders" that first became popular in the mid to late 80's.

The new fusion players have spent years honing their craft. With the advent of internet guitar lessons, people all over the world are looking towards fusion as the new style of musical expression, the modern era of soloists that are taking the instrument another stage further.

One of the forerunners of this genre is Tom Quayle. Tom is the UK's finest and most in demand exponent of modern fusion. With a rich theoretical knowledge, a student base that contains not only "regular" players but also some absolute stellar names in the industry, and a pair of ears that are completely unforgiving he has never been able to locate a pedal he can use that allows him to be the guitarist he truly is.

When we first met Tom in early 2012, he was already using our Euphoria and Paisley Drive stacked together to give him the tones he required. But something wasn't quite right; those pedals are voiced for other genres of music altogether so we set about honing the tones to match his style of playing. He needed more transparency, a tighter and controlled response on the bass end and when stacked up they needed to sound and feel like an amp running at high levels and give each string complete clarity and response.

Over a year later, we have the Dual Fusion. With two independent circuits that are based, but are completely modified, on the Euphoria and Paisley Drive, Tom finally has a tone that can be used when he is in full flow as a musician.

The Wampler Pedals Dual Fusion, the first pedal to be specifically voiced for the fastest growing breed of musicians around. With the most versatile stacking/signal path options available on an analog pedal, it is the foundation of modern Fusion... Add into the the versatility you expect from Wampler Pedals, the Dual Fusion will appeal to guitarists from all genre's at all levels.

March 4, 2013

Guthrie Govan (Aristocrats) using Ditto Looper & Flashback x4

Guthrie Govan (Aristocrats) using Ditto Looper and Flashback X4 from TC Electronic.
This video was shot right after handing the Ditto Looper to Guthrie. 
That is how easy it is use!
Filmed at the Hilton Hotel during Namm show (Anaheim) 2013.

March 3, 2013

Oz Noy Studio Pedal Rack

In the Voodoo Lab secret R&D cave with Oz Noy and his new studio rack rig. Built and designed by Voodoo Lab's John Clark. 

(Rack was routed in stereo to discreet left and right Marshall rigs inside the AXE-FX II using the Santiago Cab IR's with the EJ1250/Royer-121 on left, and EJ1250/UIII SM-57 version on right.)

Bill Frisell - "Surfer Girl" (at the Fretboard Journal)

Jazz guitarist Bill Frisell is no stranger to the Fretboard Journal. He was interviewed in our fourth issue by banjo player Danny Barnes and then, in issue 12, Frisell penned a story where he interviewed his guitar hero, Jim Hall.

On the sixth day of our Twelve Days of Fretboard, Frisell plays "Surfer Girl" on his Fender Esquire (through a Carr Sportsman amp). As always, Frisell sounds incredible.

Watch our entire Twelve Days of Fretboard series here:­lve-days-fretboard

Great Fingerstyle Guitarist/Composer Emiel Stöpler

Yesterday I met Emiel Stöpler at a party and found out he was a guitar player and composer. As a got back home I immediately wanted to check out his work. I really liked what I heard and saw so here it is . Of course with kind permission of Emiel who sent me a pdf of one of his works. There is a lot more coming!!. Here is a clip of Emiel himself performing "Ode to the Garden Gnome". I added the first page and a link if you want the whole piece in pdf. Please support this young and talented composer and share!

Short biography

Dutch composer and fingerstyle guitarist Emiel Stöpler began his musical studies as a teenager, playing the clarinet and the drums. At the age of seventeen his interest in music became more serious and he took up classical guitar lessons while studying engineering at college in the U.S.A.
After returning to his native Netherlands, he abandoned his engineering studies in favor of continuing with his guitar lessons. He studied classical guitar for two years at the Codarts Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and followed this with nearly two years studying composition at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent in Belgium.
Emiel started composing music shortly after he began his guitar lessons, writing short pieces for solo guitar. As time progressed, he moved onto writing chamber music. Emiel's compositions have been performed by various ensembles around the world, including the Turkish guitar trio Triobio, the Providence Mandolin Orchestra in the U.S.A. and the Strijktrio Sciolto from the Netherlands. He has also collaborated with American electronic music artist General Fuzz, for whom he recorded several guitar tracks. In 2008, Emiel won third prize in the Italian composition contest the Accademia della Chitarra di Brescia.
In addition to his musical career, he is also a published author in the Netherlands.

Robben Ford New CD LIVE

 2-27-13 Seattle, WA

1. Fair Child
2. Everything I do gonna be funky
3. Birds Nest bound
4 Oh Virginia
5 Too much
6 Nothin' to nobody
7 You go your way and I'll go mine
8 Chevrolet
9 Catfish
10 -----shuffle

11 Trick bag

March 1, 2013

Chick Corea Previews the Vigil Setlist [New Album + Tour 2013]
Chick Corea asked: which songs do you want to hear The Vigil play? Chick's got a stack of new compositions for his brand-new band, including a new studio album. For live performances, the band will also play some Corea Classics. Here, Chick gives you a preview!

Chick Corea & The Vigil:
Chick Corea - keyboards
Tim Garland - saxophone
Charles Altura - guitar
Hadrien Feraud - bass
Marcus Gilmore - drums