December 30, 2012

Richard Hallebeek Project II -killer track

Here's the track 'Fives' with Marco Minnemann on drums and Jaan Wessman on bass from the forthcoming cd 'Insides' that I have been working on for a while now with Antti Kotikoski. It's been on the shelf for quite some time, but with the advantage of running my own new label Richie Rich Music now I'm hoping to release it sometime soon. The intro is a custom-written 12-string/synth patch that's played on a guitar both with a hexaphonic 13-pin pickup and also through midi at the same time. A huge and very inspirational sound to play. A great performance here from Marco and multi-talented Jaan, who also played with Mike Keneally for a while.

Richard Hallebeek : RHPII

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December 27, 2012

Julian Lage Solo Guitar Performance

Julian Lage performs a solo version of 233 Butler from his album, "Gladwell," available since April 26, 2011 on EmArcy Records.

Julian Lage - Gladwell (2011)

SOURCE:  Published: 2011-04-29
Julian Lage
By S. Victor Aaron

Don't get me wrong, I love jazz guitarists who derive their inspiration from guys like Wes MontgomeryKenny Burrelland Pat Metheny, but it's so refreshing to hear a new guitarist come along who excels by taken the road less traveled. That's former child prodigy guitarist Julian Lage, who seems to be more in line with the vocabulary of swing jazz guitar pioneer Django Reinhardt, classical guitar godfather Andres Segovia and bluegrass guitar picking legend Tony Rice. And like those guys, he takes an acoustic approach to his guitar whether it's plugged in or not: there's no effects getting in between his playing and your ears.( read more.)

Julian Lage 8 years old

Heath Haberlin and Julian Lage perform three of Heath's original songs, "It's Muddy In The Water", "It's A Minor Thang" and "6th Street". Go to or to for more 

Native Californian Julian Lage is a true prodigy, performing on guitar in public at age six. His extraordinary talent was documented two years later in an Oscar-nominated documentary by Mark Becker, "Jules at Eight". 

December 24, 2012

Frank Gambale lessons news for 2013

Because of earlier rumors about a new book written by Frank I tried to contact him and talked to Amanda Stone from 'the office'.

FG has spent most of the year with his family after a banner year with Return To Forever last year.

-What has Frank been doing lately? Has he finished his book that was mentioned earlier on his forum?
He will be doing a blog early in the new year to let his fans know what he is up to.
I can tell you he has been working diligently on a new series of courses that will form the basis of a new online school instructional website.

Frank Gambale sweeping  news for 2013

-Did he finish shooting all the lessons?
He will begin filming video content that he has been writing early in the new year.

He is also planning to film his entire curriculum that he wrote for the L.A. Music Academy a few years back and also to deliver his new Sweep Picking manual in video form as part of the online courses he will be offering rather than, or possibly in addition to, a published book version.

-That's all very interesting to the fans. Any more hot news?
Again, he will explain further what he has coming up in the new year in his blog.

-Thanks for you time!
Thanks again for your interest in Frank.

Dean Brown clips

December 21, 2012

New: ROBBEN FORD Interview in Cologne 12-12-12

1st guitar
Robben and Budda
Robben and his parents
Teaching and extra income.
Choosing an instrument. Robben kind of stumbles upon the instruments he uses. Moving towards vintage guitars.
Bringing it back home. Epiphone Rivera is the only guitar used on the new record.
Joni Mitchell & the L.A. Express.
George Harrison

'Oh Virginia' is the only original song that Robben wrote himself. It is a ballad. It's a good feeling to write a song you like yourself. Unique but familiar at the same time. Like you've heard it before but you haven't.

The Aristocrats - JazzFestival in Germany - Arte Live Web (2012)

December 20, 2012

Chuck D'Aloia recommended lessons

Chuck's subscription site is up and running with 10 hours of material.                                                                                        
It's all about improvising, fundamentals, developing your ears, understanding harmony, expanding your vocabulary and becoming a complete musician.
The cost is only $25 per month for 24/7 access to the material.
Sign up for a month to see if it's right for you and when the month is up you have the choice to continue or purchase all of the material for $75.  Simply get in touch with me at and let me know what you would like to do.

Scroll down for a listing of everything on the site and here are a few video examples.

Michael Landau & Robben Ford New Pedalboard 2013!

Michael Landau & Robben Ford


 #2Tuesday, December 18, 2012
36" x 14"
Belden 9778Belden 8451
Vertex Pancake, Right Angle, and Straight (TS and TRS)Horizon/Rapco Pancake TRSAmphenol ACPM-R
Vertex Custom Power Supply:
7 isolated outputs (6x 100mA 9VDC outputs, 1x 400mA 9VDC output) with a multi-tap toroid transformer for 90V, 120V, and 230V (adjustable with slider switch).
Vertex Custom Battery Supply:
4 outputs each fed by 4 x 9V batteries and a separate relay powered by the main power supply to turn the batteries on/off. The batteries are only active when the entire pedalboard is powered "ON" at the main power supply so the batteries are not drained when not in use.
Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face (modified by Jeorge Tripps and Vertex, re-housed)Vertex ML OD/B Prototype (with Vertex EXP to control boost level)Vemuram Jan Ray Boost (in effects loop of the ML OD/B)Vertex Landau Stereo Chorus (modified Arion Chorus)Roger Mayer Voodoo-VibeVertex Axis WahStrymon Timeline Delay (with Roland EV-5 EXP)
*The Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face will be substituted with Vertex BC109 Fuzz as needed (all connectors/cable were cut to fit either device in that space).
Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 411)Image

Robben Ford 

The Zendrive is back!

Tags: StrymonVoodoo LabRolandVertex Effects, Inc. en TC Electronic

December 18, 2012

Prof. George Duke on improvising ( With Miles, Robben, Anita)

Professor G. Duke teaching us how to create a solo. A talk about making music.
Building a solo, Motifs, phrasing, imitating others in the band, reacting, learn a bag of tricks eg. abstract/ technical runs to astound people,
Miles, Anita Baker, Robben Ford,
Voicing Chords: add 7, 9, 11, 13,  Octave dispersion, closing up, stacking 5ths, stacking 4ths,

December 17, 2012

Jam Origin: Polyphonic midi plug & play!!!!!!!!!!

I bought this program today and I highly recommend it. Get the free trial version first and I'm sure you'll want to buy it immediately. It's the future!! No more weird pickups and expensive guitar synth. I use the Apogee One now to plug my guitar directly into the computer.  The software recognizes the One. And of you go. I used the program as a plug in in Garageband and it works great. There is some latency on my old iMac but on my newer Macbook it works really well.

Here are some clips I did.
Clip 1
clip 2
Clip 3 in combination with Line6 Variax

MIDI Guitar - the software solution.

Turn ANY guitar into a guitar-synthesizer or record tablature simply by playing it.
MIDI Guitar it the worlds first software solution for polyphonic guitar recognition.
The transcription runs in real-time, with latency and accuracy comparable to inconvenient hardware MIDI guitar solutions.
I have a Roland guitar synth connected to my home studio via a hex pickup and multi-pin cable. Suddenly it’s a museum piece! I always had missed notes and glitches with my Roland Synth and spent hours tuning the levels and adjusting the pickups. That lot cost me 100′s of dollars and I had to install a custom hex pickup to exact positioning on my guitar…. This worked off the bat perfectly – hardly any glitches and just a little delay. For a few $$$ it’s phenomenal – recording to iMac + Logic Pro 9. YOU GUYS ARE LEGENDS!
Tasman TravellerAppStore, Australia


New Robben Ford CD 2013 (pre-order)

Feb 18 2013 will see the release of Robben Fords new studio album “Bringing It Back Home”.
A well chosen title as on “Bringing It Back Home” Robben Ford returns back to form, the blues.
“Bringing It Back Home is the album I really wanted to make right now,” according to Robben Ford, “My concept was to put great players together with songs that have deep roots and rich emotional terrain, and to just let something beautiful happen. As it turns out, that’s exactly what occurred. The results are really pure, and the most fun I’ve had making an album in years.”

Robben Ford’s new album, Bringing It Back Home, is set for release February 19 and will include songs from early Delta pioneer Charley Patton (“Bird’s Nest Bound”), Bob Dylan (“Most Likely You Go Your Way (and I’ll Go Mine),” Allen Toussaint’s “Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky,” Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue,” and the obscure Willie West track “Fair Child.”
“[This] is the album I really wanted to make right now,” said Ford, who was once a sideman for Davis and Joni Mitchell. “My concept was to put great players together with songs that have deep roots and rich emotional terrain, and to just let something beautiful happen. The results are really pure, and the most fun I’ve had making an album in years.”
“Kind of Blue” is a study in how “space” on a recording can establish emotional timbre.  “What I love best about blues and jazz is how great players — like Miles Davis or Jim Hall or Paul Desmond — allow a lot of space in their music,” he added. “ That’s where the beauty happens.”
Ford is accompanied on the album by Larry Goldings (organ), Harvey Mason (drums), David Piltch (bass) and Steve Baxter (trombone).  To give every track a unifying sound, he used only the rhythm pickup on his ’63 Epiphone Riviera. Learn more at

December 14, 2012

Scofield recording NEW Uberjam band

This is an incarnation new Uberjam band - video featuring Andy Hess and Avi Bortnick and shot by Klaus Wikberg - the tune is "Al Z'Groover" written by Bortnick/Scofield. Tony Mason on drums - Uberjam will alternately feature drummers Adam Deitch or Louis Cato or Tony Mason.

John Scofield New Uberjam 2013

On break from rehearsing the Scofield Uberjam band, with John Scofield, Adam Deitch, and Andy Hess.

Hi Jan,
Trying out 3 new pedals but  i have to wait till i get them next week to give you the proper names....nothing too different though....still lots of boomerang!
See you in Rotterdam!

John Scofield

Peter Tiehuis with strings!! Sweet & Funky

Klimt string quartet kiss the quitarplayer

Klimt!, otherwise known as the Gustav Klimt String Quartet, says in the booklet notes (in Dutch and English) that its aim with Kiss the Guitar Player was "to portray a kaleidoscopic view of the Dutch guitar scene." This the group does, but, as often happens when something is done well, it also accomplishes something beyond the original goal. The music is light, and the album title whimsical, but this album does nothing less than reflect on the relationship between the guitar and the bowed strings, in the past as well as the present. When you first hear the quartet playing funky music in the opening Gustav on the Rocks, by guitarist Peter Tiehuis, you may think this is another of the many attempts at Kronos Quartetcloning that appeared in CD catalogs, but the program quickly becomes more diverse. The key is that most of the music was newly comissioned, from performing guitarists, and it set only a single condition: the composer was not to use a concerto-like texture, with the strings backing up the guitar, but rather was charged with creating the titular "dialogues." Put that together with the variety of styles these guitarist-composers play and you've got a couple of intersecting axes that result in music falling all over the range. Bert Meulendijk's Into Ecstasy (track 2) sets rock electric guitar against high string duets. There is classic pop, jazz, more or less formal concert music, and flamenco influences at several points. The frame is perfectly set in place with the inclusion of a couple of movements of the conventional starting point of music for guitar and string quartet, the Quintet in D major for guitar and strings, G. 448, of Luigi Boccherini. Let's just say these are heavily tweaked. A delightful release combining experiment and entertainment in a way at which the Dutch seem to excel.

Peter Tiehuis Live

Avant-garde, scenic, free jazz, world and rock.. some keywords that could be used to describe the music of Frapear – the Peter Tiehuis Trio. Then again, since there are no rules or set parameters, another concert might ask for a different description of the music that originates.
The use of electronics and effects adds an extra dimension to the completely improvised music.
Peter Tiehuis is one of Holland’s leading guitar players. His ability to cover a wide range of styles makes him highly in-demand with international pop/rock artists, jazz ensembles and, since 1996, as a member of the renowned Metropole Orkest. Peter has performed and recorded with artists such as The Skymasters, Till Brönner, The Yellow Jackets, Stan Getz, Herbie Hancock, George Duke, Al Jarreau, Brecker Brothers, Steve Vai, Trijntje Oosterhuis and many others.
Frans van der Hoeven is one of the most tasteful bass players in the European jazz scene. He can be heard on more than 30 albums: The Toon Roos Quartet, Jesse van Ruller, Rob Madna Trio & Bigband, the Diederik Wissels/David Linx Quartet , Art Farmer &the European Jazz Trio, Charlie Mariano, the Dutch Jazz Orchestra and others. As a sideman he accompanied many people like Clark Terry, Ronnie Cuber, Lee Konitz , Dee Dee Bridgewater and Toots Thielemans.
The talented drummer Arno van Nieuwenhuize was discovered at a young age through a regional music competition. He gained wider recognition as a member of several high profile pop groups in the eighties. Being a member of the Metrople Orchestra since the very beginning required Arno to be able to express himself in virtually every music style imaginable. He performs regularly in the middle-east with singer Fairouz and is working on different projects, for instance with vocalist/percussionist Mola Sylla from Senegal.

December 10, 2012

Dove's Hip Hole (Ergonomic Custom Guitar)

Ergonomic guitar and bass design theory, including the Trapezoidal Neck Profile and Hip Hole. Rick Toone | Luthier.

Thanks for all your comments and questions. YouTube's interface is difficult for in-depth discussions but I welcome your questions — please stop by and visit me at my website:

December 8, 2012

Grammy Award winning guitarist: Andrew York

When I listen to classical guitar players such as Andrew I also get ideas on how I might play a standard jazz tune differently. In stead of strumming chords you can use a million different approaches. Chick Corea borrows a lot of rhythmic and harmonic ideas from a composer like Bela Bartok. Also Mike Miller likes to borrow from classical players on guitar or piano.

GRAMMY-winning guitarist and composer Andrew York has shown extraordinary talent and versatility as a musician in many styles: electric guitar in a jazz quintet; classical guitar with The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet; even lute with the USC Early Music Ensemble.
In addition to his solo career, recording and performing his own compositions, Andrew's recent collaborations include projects with Andy Summers, Allaudin Mathieu, Dai Kimura, and Mitsuko Kado.
Andrew York

Andrew's tour schedule has included concerts in thirty countries. He has over 50 works published for guitar in its many varieties: solo, duo, trio, quartet, and ensemble. He has appeared in 3 DVDS, has recorded or appeared as soloist on more than 10 CDs, and has published a three-volume work on in-depth jazz study for classical guitarists. Andrew plays on 10 recordings with The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet including the GRAMMY-winning "Guitar Heroes" (2005).

Solo CDs include: Perfect Sky (1986), Denouement (1994), Into Dark (1997), California Breeze (2006) and The Hauser Sessions (2007).

Andrew was born in 1958 in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up in Virginia. He received a Bachelor of Music degree in Classical Guitar Performance in 1980 at James Madison University and completed his Master of Music degree at University of Southern California in 1986, both degrees magna cum laude. He was the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships at USC, including the Jack Marshall Memorial Scholarship and the Del Amo Foundation Grant for Study in Spain. Andrew is the only alumni in USC's history to have received their Distinguished Alumni Award twice, in 1997 as a member of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet and again in 2003 for his solo music career.

December 7, 2012

Nir Felder Live concert

Xotic Effects SP Compressor

Aside from Michael Thompson being an extraordinary musician, he's also know for his extraordinary pedal collection. Potentially every pedal that has ever been made, Michael has or has owned. One of his favorite types of effects is a compressor. Recently Xotic announced the release of it's new SP Compressor. So who better than Michael to introduce you to the new SP Compressor. Here's a new Reality Web Video of Michael demonstrating and comparing our new SP Compressor to his well loved compressors. Enjoy!

DiMarzio Transition Pickups Steve Lukather

Legendary TOTO guitarist, solo artist and first-call session player extraordinaire, Steve Lukather talks about the DiMarzio Transition™ pickups created for his Music Man LIII guitar and his new "Transition" album that will be released by Mascot Records on January 21, 2013.

Steve Lukather: Transition

December 4, 2012

James Taylor - Jingle Bells feat. Michael Landau

Allen Hinds doin' The Chicken (Pastorius)

New: Chico Pinheiro trio CD TRIZ

A collaboration between Chico Pinheiro, Sergio Santos and Andre Mehmari - the upcoming album TRIZ. To be released in the fall 2012.

One of the leading figures in modern Brazilian music, guitarist/composer/arranger Chico Pinheiro was born in São Paulo. Self-taught, Pinheiro started playing the guitar and the piano when he was 7 years old. After starting to perform professionally at age 15, he rounded out his musical education with a stay in Boston, where he received his music degree from Berklee College of Music (Summa cum laude). Not only an exceptional guitarist with a wonderful sound and great fluidity, Chico Pinheiro is a unique composer of originality and maturity, qualities that stand out on his solo recordings. His first album "Meia Noite Meio Dia" (Sony Music/ 2003) was released with great reviews, being included in the “Top 10 Brazilian albums of the year” in the major newspapers of Brazil: “O Estado de São Paulo”, “A Folha de São Paulo” and “O Globo” . This well-received debut included performances from special guest vocalists Luciana Alves, Lenine, Ed Motta, Chico César, and Maria Rita. His second release, "Chico Pinheiro" (Biscoito Fino/ 2005) enjoyed great critical and audience acclaim, once more being included in the “Top 10 Brazilian albums of the year” by newspapers “O Estado”, “O Globo” and “Folha”. The third album, NOVA ( Buriti/ 2007), a collaboration with the guitarist and composer Anthony Wilson. Again, enjoyed great critical and audience acclaim. Today Chico is already a remarkable presence in - and outside the Brazilian music scene, who has distinguished himself as a guitarist, composer and arranger. He has performed and recorded with the "cream of the crop" of Brazilian artists such as Rosa Passos, Dori and Danilo Caymmi, João Donato, Johnny Alf, Luciana Souza, César Camargo Mariano,while also making his mark internationally, recording and playing with Dianne Reeves, Bob Mintzer, Brad Mehldau, Esperanza Spalding, Fleurine, Mark Turner, Chris Potter, Eddie Gomez, Claudio Roditi, Giovani Hidalgo, Roberto Fonseca, Cachaíto Lopez (Buena Vista Social Club), amongst others.

December 3, 2012

Ye Faithful feat. Chris Taylor, Joel Rosenblatt, Ric Fierabracci.

Mike Moreno & Aaron Parks - All The Things You Are

Mike Moreno Aaron Parks - All The Things You Are
Live @ Casasanta 12/4/11
Lewisburg, WV.
I met both players here some time ago, Aaron played a surprise concerton a boat in Zwolle with dutch saxophone player Ben van Gelder and Mike gave a workshop and concert at Artez in Zwolle, Netherlands. What struck me was their highly imaginative and also very personal touch they bring to the bandstand. That's what sets apart good players from great players. 

Doug Raney on Jazz Guitar part 1 of 5.wmv

Here is the first of a series of 5 youtube clips with Doug Raney on Jazz guitar History. Very nice.