January 27, 2012

Quick Licks Legato and Sweep exercise

Jean Marc Belkadi is an absolutely masterful guitar player. His lessons aren't always easy but hey we can't be playing the major scale up and down for the rest of our lives can we!
I've transcribed this lesson. click on the tab.

Link to Jean Marc Belkadi's site.

FINGER FITNESS - the art of finger control

Amazing dexterity. Check his website. Funny, weird and useful tools.


Thank you for helping me sharing the word of Finger Fitness. It can help all the hands of the world work better together. I greatly appreciate your help.
If you are ever in Ohio let me know and perhaps we can meet.

Best of Luck to you!

Greg Irwin

January 21, 2012

Mike Miller at NAMM 2012

I consider Mike to be one of the best guitar players in the world. His technical ability and great taste in sound, phrasing, licks and music in general is beyond words. Or have I just said it?

January 20, 2012

Arabian boogie

Arabian boogie

Worldmusic. Recorded in Garageband with some extra loops and sound. Using a Roland GK-3 and the VG-99 as a converter only .

January 18, 2012

Robben Ford Riley B King Chords

The transcription I made is not literal but a cross between different versions I heard and what's playable for a good student. The song is from the spectacular album 'Truth' by Robben of course. Enjoy.

January 14, 2012

Richie Kotzen Sara Smiles

What a great musician! How could I have missed him all these years. To make up I transcribed a few of his songs. Leadsheet plus a few licks. Hope you'll like Richie's music from now on. He's touring in Europe now. Check the dates on his website. Check iTunes for his CD's. Don't 'go pirate-bay' on such a great artist!!

Richie Kotzen: Sara Smiles

January 10, 2012

Robben Ford Master Class

These videos are a nice addition to the RF legacy. Nice guy and one of the greatest guitar players around.
Robben is warming up before the start of a masterclass. I could watch this for hours. Here he is experimenting with chords and sounds as if no one is there. Be sure to catch all the classes. 8 in total.

January 3, 2012

George Benson: Still the Coolest of Cats - Premier Guitar

George Benson: Still the Coolest of Cats - Premier Guitar

You recently auctioned off some instruments you owned that originally belonged to some pretty famous people.
Yes. Pat Metheny bought Wes Montgomery’s L5 at auction. I didn’t know it until I ran into him in Europe and he said, “George, I got the Wes guitar.” And I’m happy, because now I know it’s in good hands. I worried about it when I auctioned it off. Also, Grant Green’s guitar. That’s one of the best-sounding instruments I’ve ever heard, but it was in my closet and I was afraid the termites were going to eat it up. Considering the times being what they were, we did very well and got a lot of money.

Also audio lessons when you follow the link below in the german magazine Gitarre & Bass:
Naima by J. Coltrane


Jazz! George Benson spielt Naima