February 27, 2011

enserinkdesign.com: Maakbare Wereld exposition

enserinkdesign.com: Maakbare Wereld exposition: "Graduation work on display at 40th anniversary of Delft University of Technology, Faculty for Industrial Design Engineering 'Maakbar..."

February 14, 2011

Frank Gambale and RTF rehearsal

Chick Corea, Frank Gambale & Stanley Clarke
Nice piece by Frank about the rehearsal and his comments on some pieces.

"One of Jean-Luc’s tunes, I have a solo over very complex (they sound simple) chords with odd meter bars – one bar or 6/4 followed by 2 bars of 4/4, that all repeats, then two bars of 5/4 as the B part then back in an AABA form…I will be working on that!"


Check out: Michael Dolce, guitar player from down under.

Recently I stumbled upon Michael Dolce's website. A fellow Xotic-pedal user so I checked him out.
I think you should too. If you like people like Allen Hinds, Mike Miller or Larry Carlton you will like Michael's playing. His lines are all tasteful.  Roots music with a jazzy touch. The evolving compositions are quite nice. Michael takes his time to let you hear a beautiful melody. What I also like is the clear recording. You can clearly hear al the different parts. Several rhythm parts complement the lead part in a great way. The opening piece of his new Album 'Everything till now' hits the spot immediately.  His tele has a lot of twang in "Frankie Boy", a tune that takes you into Brent Mason territory. Cronies leans towards a funky Tribal Tech-tune. The gorgeous "Isabella" is the most beautiful acoustic rock recording I've heard in a long time. Not overdoing things to showcase his talent but 'simply' great lines in service of the song. That said, there are dozens of hot solos on this CD. It's a groovin' and  smokin'.

If you want to hear some of his great album and get some free guitar lessons as a bonus  you should check out his website and subscribe to his newsletter. http://michaeldolcemusic.com/