September 28, 2010

Wende Snijders- Hey chords

Wende Snijders is a very special talented dutch vocalist. She used to perform french music brilliantly. This song is from her first english sung  pop-cd. No:9.

Enjoy. Jan Bertil

Blow me away. Alain Clark

Enjoy! Jan Bertil

September 25, 2010

Tim Lerch - Ethos Overdrive / Zen Drive Comparison

I have the Zendrive and love it. The Ethos is not available in a standard european version. Too bad. Thanks for the clear comparison.

September 24, 2010

Mike Miller (The Sky Lights Up)

Absolutely love mike. It's like he's playing several parts at the same time. Like he said in an interview with All About Jazz he admires piano players who play different parts at the same time. Extremely imaginative as well.

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September 20, 2010

Nelson Veras solo sessions

My review on iTunes.

I love this album from beginning to end. It has al the quality of becoming a true classic. The nylon string acoustic guitar has a very intimate sound. Nelson Veras is a formidable guitar player. The compositions he chose to record are classics. The performance shows great knowledge of music in general, jazz, classical as well as south=american composers such as Barrios. I think classical players will like it because Nelson has a great technique and delicate touch. Jazzers will love it because of his beautiful sense of harmony and rhythm.

Telecaster Blackguard book

Kort geleden was ik bij 'Het Speelthuygh' in Zwolle. Erik was net bezig met een mooie Telecaster. Hij liet me toen dit boek zien met prachtige foto's van de kleinste details. Prachtige oude tele's. Geweldig boek.

(See a list of serial numbers at the bottom of the page to pick the number you want.)

BLACKGUARD- Telecaster Style Guitars from 1950- 1954 By: Nacho Banos The Blackguard is a book about the earliest Fender Telecaster style guitars produced from 1950 to 1954 by Fender Musical Instruments in Fullerton California. The book is written in English and comes in a large 12" x 12" coffee-table format with beautiful color photos throughout, totaling nearly 2000 photos in all (aprox. 10lbs), of classic Tele's, including Broadcasters, Nocasters, Telecasters, and Esquires. About 50 guitars are disassembled and photographed in detail, and another 20 more are pictured in beautiful settings. Along with the photos, each model year is explained in detailed text. The book is limited to 5500 number copies. All books are numbered from 0001 to 5500 in the same style as the original Blackguard Tele serial numbers (stamped on the bridge plate of front cover photo and inside the book as well). All come with a protective case. 412 pages, hardbound book. For more info see 
Here are some pictures from inside the book.
 This book is incredible, the nicest guitar book we've ever seen. Take a look at these few photos from inside the book, and you'll get an idea of detail and quality of photos that are throughout the book.

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Next to me Ise DeLange chords

Mine - #TaylorSwift chords

My transcription.

Happy birthday to you

Sakashta guitars. Works of art.

Unfortunately Taku Sakashta was killed in february this year.  I didn't know and was shocked to hear this.

Police said a Rohnert Park man was found slain outside a guitar business in an industrial park area of the city early this morning.
Lt. Jeff Taylor said the man's name is not being released until the family positively identifies his body.
The body was found outside Sakashta Guitars at 643 Martine Ave. Calls to the business were not returned this afternoon.
Taylor said the wife of the business owner told police her husband did not return home Thursday night. She found the business "in a suspicious state" when she went there and called police around 3:50 a.m., he said.
Police arrived within two minutes and confirmed a crime had occurred at the business, but Taylor would not disclose the nature of the crime.
Police then searched the area and found the homicide victim's body outside the shop.
"The dead man is most likely the owner of the business,'' Taylor said.
Sakashta Guitars' Web site says Taku Sakashta is the designer and maker of the hand-crafted guitars.

September 19, 2010

New Robben Ford Trio DVD

There is a new DVD from the Robben Ford Trio.

The new TRIO dvd.
Robben is of course singing and playing guitar. Travis Carlton on bass and Toss Panos on drums. This is a great trio we all got to hear on his incredible live-CD Soul on Ten. Did he get a Grammy for that? You get to see 13 songs. Kicking of with 'The way you treated me' we get see a super trio that seems to get better and better. Robben plays his new guitar by Taku Sakashta (link below) his Fender Telecaster and the Gibson LesPaul gold top which he borrowed from Larry Carlton.  Toss and Travis both have a great ear. They are constantly watching and listening and follow Robben closely. No auto-pilot here.

There are two bonus tracks featuring Larry Coryell. I've never liked Larry's playing and watched it once and really don't understand why it was included as a bonus. Perhaps Robben was being nice to the man that showed him the diminished scale. At least that's what Robben tells us in one of the other videos.


September 17, 2010


Who is using it and secondly, do you like it?
I've had several small ampsimulators and never really liked them. I've tried the zoom, Tascam etc.
Maybe the quality of the earphones killed it for me. What is your opinion?

September 13, 2010

My foolish heart.

One of my first records was Electric Guitarist by John McLaughlin. His version knocked me out. Hope you like mine. It's a work in progress. I didn't write anything out. I just played it. Got some ideas from recording it where I want to go with this absolutely wonderful piece, Believe it or not I played the Godin guitar trough a Tech21 trademark combo. Eventide Timefactor delay. (Moddelay)